Ararita’s True Meaning


The secret is found by splitting the hexagram of fire and water of the pyramid. Ararita is known to be shown as a hexagram. Fire is male and water is female and uniting each is the androgynous form of god, in which I just put each letter on each planet of the hexagram of water and fire and slip them in half, that spilts the word Ararita by the following:

Arit is doorway
Ara is the Ara ConstellationArarita is also a sexual term of intercourse and reproduction, it represents as above and below, which represents the birth of creation cosmically as well as physically. The doorway is also the opening of the female organ which gives birth, which of course also represents the birth of mankind.

This means doorway of the Ara Constellation, the left guard of the doorway of god. The left guard represents to me the galactic sun is the black hole of this universe. That is concealed to represent the true Sun or the true godhead that created the nephilim. In greek myth the cyclopes or the nephilim built an altar called the milky way which near bye is the black sun in this galaxy. Ara can be called the god of wine, ie the bloodline of the nephilim. These nephilim are alien beings that are using the god of the christians and the other pantheons to conceal their true position not as alien beings but the true progenerators of the human race and the local galaxy that we live in. So the term Ararita is the concealed word of god which is the nephilim, the alien beings that created mankind and the other root races of man.




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