The Hidden Meaning of the Pelican in Occultism


The Hidden Meaning of the Pelican in Occultism


The pelican is a bird with much esoteric symbolism and is revealed only to those in the 5th degree of the OTO.  On the Empress trump card of Crowley’s Thoth Tarot it shows a mother pelican feeding her young with her own blood.  Elsewhere on the card it reveals three suns, which inherently reveal some of the meaning concerning the Pelican and her young.

The Pelican represents Lucifer or the true god, her young represent the illuminati those of the light.   The Pelican feeding her young of its own blood represents the bloodline of the Nephilim and its perpetual existence.  In symbolic form it can be seen to replicate the imagery of the Egyptian scarab beetle and its resurrection in the Nile River. The beetle represents the suns pathway through the year and the three phases of the day.   This can be seen by the rising, peak, and sunset of the Sun; this mythos represents the birth of the sun its manhood and its death.  

Going back to the Pelican symbolism this resurrection is caused by a deluge that both destroys and ultimately recreates all existence.  Each deluge welcomes destruction, but a new mankind is always its purpose.  There are four eggs in the Pelicans nest this represents the four elements and the earth itself.  So this means the recreation and birth of all life itself in which a set of higher beings do this to perfect their race, the animals, and plants to accompany it.

Our race is not perfect to their likings so in turn their plan is to destroy all existence, yet as the Pelican shows, the young or the illuminati will be resurrected and restored because they are those of knowledge and light.  Pelicans aren’t the only birds or symbolic images of the god Lucifer, the Ibis, dove, and sparrow are all ruled by either Venus, or Mercury.  The star of the East is both Venus and Mercury which Lucifer is the East.    

The three Sun symbolism I mentioned earlier can be seen in my previous article on the Black Sun, and the Ararita blog post.



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