Sirius Unveiled



Sirius Unveiled



There are two stars in the Sirius star system that are astronomically proven, Sirius A, and B, but C has been known to exist for thousands of years by the Dogon tribe of Africa.  Sirius C is thought by the astronomers to be disproven.   We will now discuss the symbolism of these three stars in Egypt mythology and how the mystery connects with the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

Sirius A, B, C represents three worlds, three Suns, and this reflects in the three Great Pyramids of Egypt.  Each pyramid is but a reflection of Sirius A, B, C, all a Sun, the local sun, Sirius, and the galactic sun.    There is a term in occultism that states:  “The Egypt of Above and the Egypt of Below”, this exoterically means Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, but there is a more arcane meaning for this statement.  This really equates to the original starlit birth place or Eden in the skies, this would mean Sirius.  The Egypt of below is of course the earth’s Egypt.  Sirius is a copy of this universe of the Milky Way galaxy, but yet there is a further more hidden copy, the original birth place, the Galactic Center or Sun, where the true godhead resides.

In relation to Sirius, Sirius is the true Qliphothic Universe B; explained in esoteric terms in Kenneth Grant’s “Nightside of Eden.  This means that the Qliphoth of the tree of life is indeed the reverse or averse universe of our galaxy which is Sirius.  Those beings in Sirius, created this world of Earth as a copy of their world, since theirs are being destroyed by constant war and destruction. 

The term Visit The Interior of The Earth by Rectification You Shall Find The Hidden Stone, VITRIOL, in reality equates symbolically to the Qlippoth Sun and universe which is in fact Sirius.  This term is found on Aleister Crowley’s tarot card The Art Card.  The alchemical term that represents the great work, the great work is not only immortality and to become as a god, but to destroy this earth of humans and resurrect the initiates to be reborn in a new earth, the second golden age, the first was Atlantis until it was destroyed.

Sirius C is found to be the third chamber of the great pyramids, and nothing is known concerning it just that it was not finished, since the great godhead cannot be finished, and is ever producing and is infinite in nature.  The other stars in Sirius, Sirius A, and B, are represented as two chambers also, the King’s chamber, and the Queens chamber, these three Chambers are also represented by the three Suns, and universes. 

I hope this research has given you some insight to the mysteries, I hope you were enlightened

By, HiddenLight777


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