In each DNA, there is a minature universe. Whatever action you do reacts into the physical universe where you play a part.  This is the world of the DNA.  For example I insult someone, someone connected will insult someone else, this is the law of connection or the web of existence, no matter what you do that action will react elsewhere. The law of connection is connected to everything we do.

There is 8 levels of DNA = 8 Universes

4 + 4 = 8 each strand has four within the whole of 8

2 + 2 = 4 the double helix

There are 8 dimensions, 8 worlds, every event is stored cause all existence and time is one and in infinity. Hence the world never ends- 8 = the serpent, the infinite or infinity. The Source’s universe is where the highest existence is, is the original DNA.

An Idea on the mechanics of time travel, its idea, not its scientific truth concerning DNA is as follows: 

By jumping from one DNA record to another DNA strand you may time travel.  Since each DNA is a record its recorded in time and space.  So if I wanted to travel from somewhere in my childhood past, a particular event, I would telepathically encode to that DNA a time travel jump from my present state of DNA to the specific time in the past, its own DNA. I should connect to that place in time. 

You may also talk to DNA telepathically to anything in existence for information, like particular plants and what they heal and their purposes.

Everything in existence from the highest to the lowest is a DNA strand, say for example, Earth, that is a DNA strand, all things in existence has one, your brain is a DNA strand.  There is a particular DNA called the Galactic Mind, that knows all in existence, this DNA can be activated within Human DNA, this will bring power of many sorts.  This Galactic Mind is actually the ORIGINAL DNA strand of all that exists, the original creator the force of DNA where it all originates.

From the article on DNA communication I posted last week, I will put the part I researched right below:


DNA communication through thoughts is a powerful way to alter your DNA to gain more power and knowledge.  There is a special formula to do this it’s just by using your mind to connect telepathically to the set parameter and tell to the DNA directly what you want changed. 

           This means that our thoughts can alter our DNA if you know the correct command.  That command is found by the following statement that is universal for communicating with the said DNA. “Empathic ability DNA are you there, it will answer, and then you say I want to activate my empathic ability, it then says yes, then it will answer saying its on or yes its activated.   Each DNA command will be different only on the basis on how you communicate with it.  You need to know the type of DNA you seek to active will be at the beginning of the command, at the end of each sentence is always DNA, no matter what.  It will not work if you say DNA of empathic ability are you there.  It needs to have the set parameters to work  

I have successfully performed this and I have found you WILL get said ability, or it will advance at a high rate if you already have it.  Telepathy is the key.  You can also find information by activating DNA of that data format.  

Say you want to know information on the medicinal qualities of herbs something you previously were inept at you just activate that DNA the same way as I have previously written of.  This is breakthrough science, and now DNA magick at its greatest.   You must know that this is a force that can be very dangerous, and can bring serious damages if used incorrectly or for evil matters to harm others, please be smart and do not be destructive.  Now you got the keys to this science, please spread it, its amazing in its workings. 

All of this was drawn from the DNA themselves, my own intuition and research from other sources.  I hope you find some info you were searching for.







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