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More DNA Alteration Research

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More DNA Research

Each DNA strand is like a computer that connects with all and receives all.  DNA is like a server or a computer that has nodes.  A node is a stored memory that is concentrated in the DNA that’s like a type of tree that uses cables for connectors of the DNA.  The nodes of the DNA trees connect each DNA and can be seen as messengers of all that’s occurring.  These can be seen symbolically as psychic premonitions or messages of all the events in the DNA strand.  This is its computer system.  If you want you can ask the DNA for a psychic message for the said event in question.  Just remember the format spoke of earlier.

There are certain beings that can delete a DNA in this cosmic DNA computer.  DNA strands appear in the system from many places, especially from Alien beings or the leader of the DNA of this world our god. 

Watchers of DNA monitor all DNA and make sure everything is working and in order according to the dictates of the DNA computer system.

Wormholes in DNA are Ladders or pathways to the future and other dimensions. Tanglers stop or interfere with certain DNA from manifesting.  Absence of Tanglers allows time travel.

There are DNA symbolized by doors that are not opened which behind them are ancient knowledge and secrets that are hidden, these are dark matter DNA.  Dark matter is junk DNA and is the next step of evolution.  If activated they are building blocks of evolution building more can create more DNA of evolution.  Different DNA doors are evolutions of different areas.