A Machine Like Existence Theory



A Theory of Our Existence



            The world we live in is an illusion, a world controlled by other beings, all reactions and actions are controlled by them to a certain extent.  We are machines hooked up to an illusory world where upon the machine end, machines are everywhere.  The world where you see this writing is the illusion.  We see through false eyes like the Matrix movies where we are living and breathing in a hologram of extensive proportions. There are many dimensions that are similar to this hologram, maybe even replicas of endless Earth timelines of now.  This occurs from the quantum level to the cosmic, we are in the 3D version right now.  We are games being played by sinister forces and as such we are slaves to their bidding.


            If we try to seek truth concerning this concept or try to strech the brain to see various ways this could be constructed their are several side effects to block people from looking.  There are blocks mentally from searching any further with psychic abilities for some, and they give up and denounce the whole issue.  That feeds the handlers satisfaction of not letting you find out.  Others know the situation and believe in it, but find psychic blocks anyway, yet they are aware and still believe.  And the other issue I have noticed is the physical side effects of trying to skry to find the answers to the machine like existence which the effects are localized headaches that are pin like and deep penetrating that only appear when looking into this information, once you cease to look it stops.  Our bodies our machine like and so are our brain/mind, so in effect searching for this information, these machine like cells will cause headaches initated by the handlers for you to stop searching.


            The beings that control us if we get upset or get angry concerning their control they will use sedation tools for false emotional harmony as a drug like control system into your personal control grid of your very being in this body you inhabit.  The controllers are aliens and high above the these realities are their command and control centers to manipulate all of the machine world.  This world we live in has two worlds operating at the same time working together.  One is our world the hologram, the other the machine like world.


            I am currently creating a system of DNA Magick that can manipulate this control grid, since DNA is a machine and is easily manipulated by certain techniques, we can indeed counteract their insidious controls.  If you would like to contact me concerning this email me at:




In closing I hope you have understood and perhaps realized something is terribly wrong concerning this world.  In this age of machines and technology isnt there a spot for this existence related paridigm, could we really be machines and our souls are trapped in them?  That is for our minds to embrace and search to find answers when we are truly seekers of truth and knowledge.  Cant we stretch the mind and seek the true laws that are repressed from our everyday lives?  Thank you for reading my article, hope its sparked some new concepts into your mind.




7 Responses to “A Machine Like Existence Theory”

  1. Walter Muller Says:

    Dear sir/madam.
    I do not know you, but your theory is quite interesting, yet only still a theory, many people around this world is seeking for more “logical” answers, and the word logical can become quite a point of discussion in a search like this. LOGIC is something we like to apply to that which we can see, touch or experience, few will tend to use it to try and prove a theory such as yours, which is not a bad theory, but you need some form, or forms of proof, I have written two books using religion to try and point out some irregularities in that field (Jesus “The Keeper of the Truth” and Unchaste Deception), if typed into google search you can access these books, it might help to give you another perspective again.

  2. hiddenlight777 Says:

    Hello I dont really like religious posts to change my beliefs, but you have an interesting post, Interesting books but I am not interested in those religious views. Thank you for your responses.

  3. Seekingthetruth Says:

    First you start to see humans as animals, just another specie. A big herd capable of creating technology, not too different to bees building a hive. Then you see no one in the herd seems to notice he/she is just that, non different to cows being breed to feed their owner. Then feelings and emotions fade, except for the pain of seeing nothing makes sense anymore. You are a being, trapped into one of those animals. I got this far now but been further before. I know where I am going, once on the road you don’t stop until the end, until you become the real abstract being you have always been.
    No pins in the head, just pain to feel everything you lived for was nothing but a tale.

    Something wants you to remain human, something wants you to stay human and that something is sinister to the human race. We can do nothing except to awake to free ourselves. For some of us truth is impossible to elude. It is just there, and keeps appearing before our eyes.

  4. hiddenlight777 Says:

    Hello Seeking the Truth, interesting response, I agree with you, it seems that beings dont want us to evolve just to stay in the state that we are in. Sinister forces do this for their own sick plans. Yes truth cannot elude in the end all is revealed eventually, it is our will that realizes this, otherwise nothing will awaken or change….


  5. Walter Muller Says:

    Hi hidden light777, It is not my intent to try and change your point of view, all I am saying is, to have more insight from another perspective might help you in your quest. I indeed have insight on what you are about, the phenomena you mention in your article have been a part of my life also, while I allowed it, forces tried to take over my life, perhaps the forces you are talking about. These forces are perhaps as you say; they who rule this world. The quest or road I followed and the things I researched helped me to reach a form of understanding, an understanding which helped me to come to terms with those forces, today I am living a life like any other human being, knowing a little more than I would like to admit, but I live in relative peace, and it would be interesting to have a real chat with you.
    All the best

  6. hiddenlight777 Says:

    Hi Walter, sorry for the misunderstanding, wow thats interesting concerning your experiences. Forces can be powerful, and dangerous. Thanks for your response.


  7. hiddenlight777 Says:

    Walter email me if you want to chat concerning these issues. its hiddenlight777@yahoo.com

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