Viruses Equal Situational Programs



Viruses Equal Situational Programs


Viruses are infective cosmic computer programs that upset others in various computer program situations.  These viruses attach to events or situations that are emotional and negative.  These viruses infect by attaching to said programs that disrupt the situation/program, viruses must be permitted to execute code and write into the program.  Viruses or the situational program spread and replicate at a fast rate to make the situation or issue to blow out of control and turn chaotic. 

These viruses are negative programs that spin out of control and are hard to control unless you’re aware and stop the attacking virus from working by realizing the truth of this virus and stop all actions that are activating the virus.  There are fixed virus programs that are specific viruses that if the requirements of that virus are activated then it runs the particular program sequence.  The coding needs to be activated to work.

There is a viral term called fast infectors which is a virus program method that infects as many programs or events as possible and infects any program that can be effected.  Also there is another viral term called slow infectors that try to avoid detection and infect events or programs slowly very discreetly.  This causes the program from not being detected as easily.

These slow infectors are implanted to slowly destroy and break down the program/event and the very computer itself.  Some viruses are programs that attack issues and people that have the prerequisites to being infected and are susceptible to these viruses and make the issue and people disintegrate and spread like an infection.




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