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Viruses Equal Situational Programs

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Viruses Equal Situational Programs


Viruses are infective cosmic computer programs that upset others in various computer program situations.  These viruses attach to events or situations that are emotional and negative.  These viruses infect by attaching to said programs that disrupt the situation/program, viruses must be permitted to execute code and write into the program.  Viruses or the situational program spread and replicate at a fast rate to make the situation or issue to blow out of control and turn chaotic. 

These viruses are negative programs that spin out of control and are hard to control unless you’re aware and stop the attacking virus from working by realizing the truth of this virus and stop all actions that are activating the virus.  There are fixed virus programs that are specific viruses that if the requirements of that virus are activated then it runs the particular program sequence.  The coding needs to be activated to work.

There is a viral term called fast infectors which is a virus program method that infects as many programs or events as possible and infects any program that can be effected.  Also there is another viral term called slow infectors that try to avoid detection and infect events or programs slowly very discreetly.  This causes the program from not being detected as easily.

These slow infectors are implanted to slowly destroy and break down the program/event and the very computer itself.  Some viruses are programs that attack issues and people that have the prerequisites to being infected and are susceptible to these viruses and make the issue and people disintegrate and spread like an infection.



A Cosmic Computer Structure

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A Cosmic Computer Structure Article


A curious theory on the structure of the cosmic computer system I will discuss is in regards to Angels and their place in the cosmic computer system.  Angels are considered the code of the computer system.  They are what we may call what makes the computer function, they are essential to the proper functioning of the system.  Angels allow persons to communicate with the computer system using DNA instructions.

These Codes are an angelic messenger that communicates with the system and records itself in a text file which is a record keeper which becomes stored in a database that organizes records.  This database can store text files or records as programs.  This code ie. Angels is a portion of another code or Angels within a larger program which manifests instructions which is seperate then the other codes, or Angels.

This is called in angelic language an Angelic Hierarchy in this vast cosmic computer system which is a database.  These databases can be put into other terms as a vast directory of angels which is indeed an angelic Hierarchy, they are in a chain of command of sorts from the highest to the lowest in this system.

To conceptualize this further into simplest terms, the codes are angels, and the database is a mass housing base for the work of angels and where they reside inside the coding of the system.  Their hierarchy is vast and they work in an algorithm like function where they use their own programming to be given to by the higher mind of the system, ie the creator that commands them to carry out as living programs or events that occur and manifest on earth, the computer system we live in.



The Universal DNA Computer

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The Universal DNA Computer


There are various terms in regards to DNA Magick which in essence the DNA is a vast computer to divine proportions.  A term to introduce is the Main DNA Server, which is the main creator of this universe.  The Main DNA Server is the main DNA computer.   A DNA Server is a lesser form of the Main DNA Server it can be seen as planets, it is anything archetypal, it can be seen as categories in a hierarchy.   DNA represents events, people, situations, spells, anything at the human level. 

The Following DNA terms are: 1: DNA Cables are connectors to other DNA’s in any form.  2: DNA Nodes are outcomes or what occurred.  3: DNA Beams are energies that manifest in astral or in the physical 3D realm.  Another particular term I find worth mentioning are: Pylons which rescue what was lost in the DNA process.

DNA is seen symbolically as an Algorithm or a vast computer system based wholly on DNA Sequencing in a series of instructions carried out till the algorithm instructions are manifested.  There are certain rules applied to these instructions to be carried out to manifest.  You need clear cut instructions, the more clear and precise the better chances that the DNA magick will manifest.  Sometimes shorter more obtuse instructions can work but they are on the fringe and lack effectiveness and won’t produce as much productive material as the clear cut and lengthy instructions.  To recapitulate, DNA instructions are a set of rules that tells how the DNA is to behave and carries out each step of the specified instructions. 

  We are all programs in a vast computer system that we play a part in.  Each action of all human beings is a computer program.  In which anything we do is a pattern in the system.  This DNA computer system works in an algorithm like process, which if I wanted to program the DNA to bring a new friend into my life, there would be many probable outcomes to the DNA instructions.  For an example lets hypothetically say the program made the instructions for my new friend to go to a certain place in my hometown, get some coffee and sit down, spills some coffee and I the encoder near-bye goes to help the supposed new friend.  We meet in an odd way, but then we start talking and we hit it off.  That’s one random way that the meeting took place.  There could be hundreds of probabilities for the meeting of that friend, but some where in the pattern of the system there is a synchronistic, non random, highly complex, and preordained manner in which this cosmic computer is devised.  This computer is highly organic, at the same time highly machine like, artificial intelligence is the closest thing to this example as I can get.

The DNA computer system works on all levels of existence, from the quantum and microscopic, to the visible 3D Earth we feel as flesh and blood.  It even goes cosmic beyond this galaxy and our very universe.  Humankind’s actions are computer like, a program within a program, sending signals to the rest of the system.   We are in a vast computer system playing a part of a larger system.

If we look at history we will find a pattern, this pattern is in computer terms a loop.  The reality that we see is but a program that is continuously repeating itself entrapping all its inhabitants.  The system and its program are controlled by alien beings.  This history is of creation and destruction, plagues, wars and famine, death and birth, the very pains of existence.  It repeats itself over and over again to repeat the same mistakes again and again.  To free ourselves we need our soul, and at the moment of death we are freed, but why do we return?  Are some human’s souls not awakened to the reality?  Yes.  But some of us are awakened and can be freed from the hell of the loop and return to the real reality beyond this god forsaken hell of a computer program.  Ascension of consciousness is the key to our freedom, where no longer do our souls remain in this loop, but are freed.

In conclusion I hope this new paradigm as sparked some of your interests, it is fascinating and quite a brainstorm.  I hope you learned something new with this article.  Thank you for reading.


A Machine Like Existence Theory

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A Theory of Our Existence



            The world we live in is an illusion, a world controlled by other beings, all reactions and actions are controlled by them to a certain extent.  We are machines hooked up to an illusory world where upon the machine end, machines are everywhere.  The world where you see this writing is the illusion.  We see through false eyes like the Matrix movies where we are living and breathing in a hologram of extensive proportions. There are many dimensions that are similar to this hologram, maybe even replicas of endless Earth timelines of now.  This occurs from the quantum level to the cosmic, we are in the 3D version right now.  We are games being played by sinister forces and as such we are slaves to their bidding.


            If we try to seek truth concerning this concept or try to strech the brain to see various ways this could be constructed their are several side effects to block people from looking.  There are blocks mentally from searching any further with psychic abilities for some, and they give up and denounce the whole issue.  That feeds the handlers satisfaction of not letting you find out.  Others know the situation and believe in it, but find psychic blocks anyway, yet they are aware and still believe.  And the other issue I have noticed is the physical side effects of trying to skry to find the answers to the machine like existence which the effects are localized headaches that are pin like and deep penetrating that only appear when looking into this information, once you cease to look it stops.  Our bodies our machine like and so are our brain/mind, so in effect searching for this information, these machine like cells will cause headaches initated by the handlers for you to stop searching.


            The beings that control us if we get upset or get angry concerning their control they will use sedation tools for false emotional harmony as a drug like control system into your personal control grid of your very being in this body you inhabit.  The controllers are aliens and high above the these realities are their command and control centers to manipulate all of the machine world.  This world we live in has two worlds operating at the same time working together.  One is our world the hologram, the other the machine like world.


            I am currently creating a system of DNA Magick that can manipulate this control grid, since DNA is a machine and is easily manipulated by certain techniques, we can indeed counteract their insidious controls.  If you would like to contact me concerning this email me at:


In closing I hope you have understood and perhaps realized something is terribly wrong concerning this world.  In this age of machines and technology isnt there a spot for this existence related paridigm, could we really be machines and our souls are trapped in them?  That is for our minds to embrace and search to find answers when we are truly seekers of truth and knowledge.  Cant we stretch the mind and seek the true laws that are repressed from our everyday lives?  Thank you for reading my article, hope its sparked some new concepts into your mind.