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Aleph and Hebrew Alphabet

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Aleph and the Hebrew Alphabet



I see Aleph as a horse drawn chariot and as The Chariot of the Sun leading to the path of darkness or of light, a choice or a pathway to embark upon that may lead to the dark abyss of death.  This is the pathway to darkness or light the upperworld or underworld; the qlippoth is seen in the distance.  Aleph represents the pole star represents the guiding star from the Eden of our birth.  Aleph also represents the winged egg of cosmic creation the mercurial of knowledge and the venusian of birth, this represents the birth of true knowledge of creation. 

The word is being sent to be created as the word of god or creation of mankind.  The letter Aleph is both the god head and vessel of creation of the universe.  Aleph ruling the throat represents cosmic communication; the breath of life enters here and escapes the mouth, which the mouth is represented by Peh the birthing orifice. 

The Hebrew Alphabet is in actuality a code for DNA, since the Hebrew Alphabet is indeed the building blocks of Adam Kadmon, the cosmic man that we all aspire to be like he has been called Christ, or Horus the son of god itself.  In researching many ideologies and mythology it is seen that the Hebrew Alphabet is indeed one large cosmic body of a man or a lion, for the evolutionists it’s a man, and for the deep spiritual mythologies hidden deep within the esoteric sciences it’s a lion, or a dragon.  Each body part of these beings is represented by a Hebrew letter in the Alphabet. 

Thus being said each letter is also a Gematria based system of numbers.  Numbers are the basis of existence in regards to sacred geometry.  This shows an underlying force of computer based existence, hence machine like; and in regards to that DNA is the key, since DNA is a cosmic computer from the macrocosm to the microcosm.  This makes us wonder if DNA can be decoded through number systems like Hebrew Gematria, and with that DNA and the Hebrew Alphabet is connected.  DNA can be altered by words and language so could the Hebrew alphabet be the key to DNA? 

In closing I hope you enjoyed the article and learned something interesting, glad to be of help to those inquiring minds.  Thank you for reading.