A Cosmic Computer Structure



A Cosmic Computer Structure Article


A curious theory on the structure of the cosmic computer system I will discuss is in regards to Angels and their place in the cosmic computer system.  Angels are considered the code of the computer system.  They are what we may call what makes the computer function, they are essential to the proper functioning of the system.  Angels allow persons to communicate with the computer system using DNA instructions.

These Codes are an angelic messenger that communicates with the system and records itself in a text file which is a record keeper which becomes stored in a database that organizes records.  This database can store text files or records as programs.  This code ie. Angels is a portion of another code or Angels within a larger program which manifests instructions which is seperate then the other codes, or Angels.

This is called in angelic language an Angelic Hierarchy in this vast cosmic computer system which is a database.  These databases can be put into other terms as a vast directory of angels which is indeed an angelic Hierarchy, they are in a chain of command of sorts from the highest to the lowest in this system.

To conceptualize this further into simplest terms, the codes are angels, and the database is a mass housing base for the work of angels and where they reside inside the coding of the system.  Their hierarchy is vast and they work in an algorithm like function where they use their own programming to be given to by the higher mind of the system, ie the creator that commands them to carry out as living programs or events that occur and manifest on earth, the computer system we live in.




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